What We Do

Association Management Services

The Premier Associations Group (PAG) offers full-service management to trade associations, professional groups, industry collaboratives and other related organizations. Our staff, working alongside the association’s members, are committed to problem solving, and delivering quality project planning designed to achieve the goals and objectives of each association client.

Relationship Management

The PAG Manager assigned to each association client will work to establish relationships with other association members to assure that each member, person, or organization receives timely and professional service from their association management team.


Full-Service Management

In addition to working with the board and its executive team, PAG provides a complete association management solution as a team. PAG can provide media relations, strategic planning, communications, marketing support, and operations as well as the necessary infrastructure required to meet every organizational need.

Financial Services

PAG is able to take full responsibility for the association’s budget development, budget management, tax filings and other financial-related issues. We pride ourselves in being able to identify additional income generating sources that can provide better products and services to the association client.

Outsourced Services

For associations, nonprofit organizations, as well as corporate clients, outsourcing your event, conference or meetings to PAG is an effective way to supplement existing teams with trusted, capable staff. PAG prides itself in solving problems and creating the expected outcome.

Event  Management

Whether you need assistance with producing a conference, seminar, event or meeting, PAG can offer full-service event management from promotion, communication, to registration and production.


Why should I use PAG as opposed to hiring my own staff?

PAG is an association management company. As such, we provide professional staffing, supplemental staffing, and executive services to manage all, or some, aspects of our client organization. Whether the client is an association, a conference or event, or other related service, PAG can provide marketing, conference and event management, member engagement, financial services, media relations, seminars and workshops and a plethora of other association and event services.


Why should an existing association turn to PAG?

Finding, recruiting, housing and managing a full or part-time staff can be an exhausting and time consuming activity; one that adds little direct value to an associations' members. Providing the latest technologies and infrastructure can also be expensive. PAG offers our client a cost-effective alternative with timely professional services and executive roles that free the board and members to pursue their passion and purpose for the association.


What do I do next to evaluate whether or not PAG is right for me and my organization?

Call us! Let our trained, professional staff schedule an appointment with you so you can better assess whether PAG is right for you. Thank you for your interest in PAG, the PREMIER resource for you and your association!